About Us!

About Us

Our natural sea glass jewelry and beach art are inspired by my passion for beachcombing! I remember being 6 years old on a family trip to the beach and finding what I thought was pirate treasure - it was my first piece of sea glass! I have been hooked on sea glass ever since. 

The Deep Blue was established in 2007, since then I have been able to live my dream of collecting sea glass and creating art! We collect and use sea glass that has been perfectly frosted by the ocean and time, as well as other beach treasures, and elevate them to create one-of-a-kind art and jewelry. We use jewelry-grade sea glass to craft rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings so that our customers can enjoy carrying a piece of the beach with them - always! In addition to jewelry we create mixed media art; framed fields of mussel flowers are my specialty, but we make use of everything we pick up - from colorful collages of beach pottery to soldered sea glass mosaics and abalone hair clips. 


Meet the team

Danielle Perreault

Owner; Lead Artist