The Aura And Beauty Of Sea Glass Jewelry Abounds!

The sea in itself is a magnificent mystery. It is a world in itself. Sea glass obtained from the sea shares the mystery and from it derives intrigue and value. Sea glass can simply be collected and admired, or can be transformed into beautiful jewelry and art. The frosted sea glass in all of its attractive hues can compliment your inner beauty when worn around your neck or wrist or even your finger! Sea glass jewelry- like a stunning sea glass pendant necklace can speak volumes about your likes and desires and raises the vibration of your aura.  

Unlike pearls and shells, sea glass does not originate in the sea. The glass is a product of man that finds it way to the sea.  Sea glass has a remarkable story behind each piece.  Uncovering the story is part of the lure for collectors.

The turbulent waves hit the glass against the sea rocks. The glass breaks into pieces. The broken glass pieces have serrated edges. But over a few decades, the jagged edges are softened by the sea sand. The glass attains a mystical, translucent frosty look that adds to its natural color. It not only looks stunning when made into jewelry, but wearing a sea glass pendant necklace can also boost your confidence as it will be admired.

Sea glass doesn't attain any specific color. The glass is usually of the color of the discarded glass. There are always exceptions and here is one: If the glass had a manganese element, the glass might acquire a lavender tinge if it has been consistently exposed to the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Sea glass necklaces and pendants made with this lavender sea glass look incredibly adorable. 

Beachcombers gather sea glass pieces of various shapes, colors, and sizes.  They are mostly looking for well frosted pieces in uncommon colors. Some beachcombers, like myself, travel across the globe and pick sea glass treasures. I am not only a collector of rare sea glass, but also an artist.  I love making things like sea glass sun catchers, sea glass hearts, and even sea glass ornaments.

You can buy with confidence knowing that the sea glass we use to make everything from our sea glass earrings and sea glass pendant necklaces, to our sea glass sun catchers is all natural and found on the beach. We make everything with pride in our work and we know you will love it!  Place an order today and let us delight you!

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